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All Heavenly Creatures Pet Crematory, Included with all private cremation pricing is a beautiful handcrafted wood urn.
We also provide a home euthanasia service for your sick pet. Working together with local Doctors we can provide an appointment for home euthanasia. We come to your home along with the Doctor and transport your pet's remains to our crematory after the service. ( call for pricing )
You are welcome to set an appointment for viewing the cremation at that time. If you do not wish to be present during the cremation process, your beloved pet's cremains will be returned to you in 72 Hours.
We also provide 24 Hour Emergency Pickup Service 365 days per Year. We can pickup your beloved pet from your home or Vet's office.

For any additional information please feel free to contacts us anytime.

Cremation Prices for Your Pet: 

  • 1–35 Lbs.—$135.00
  • 36–70 Lbs.—$185.00
  • 71–100 Lbs.—$235.00   

Over 100 Lbs. + $2.00 per lb.

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Local News Article About Us

Business helps pet owners deal with loss
By Kim Cotton

Staff writer

PORT ST. LUCIE - When Sadie became sick and it was evident the Labrador-mixed dog had to be put down, Bonnie Hahn looked to her veterinarian for help.

Her vet told her about their cremation services, but Mrs. Hahn was not sure if that was how she wanted to handle her dog's remains.

Tammy Nicastro - Contact our crematory in Port St. Lucie, Florida, for respectful pet cremation services and cedar urns.

"My question to them was, how would I know I was getting my animal's ashes?" Mr. Hahn said.

She added that if she chose the vet's cremation service, Sadie's remains would not be returned for several weeks.

Then her vet told her about a new business offering pet cremations, All Heavenly Creatures in Port St. Lucie. There, Mrs. Hahn and her family found a comforting place to handle Sadie's remains.

"They are wonderful people," Mrs. Hahn said. "I found them very comforting."

Sadie was 12 years old when she died from kidney failure. Mrs. Hahn's daughters, who are 17 and 14, grew up with the dog, and were heartbroken when Sadie died, Mrs. Hahn said.

What the Hahn family found with All Heavenly Creatures was care and respect during a difficult time.

"They took this whole icky situation and made it as pleasant as can be," Mrs. Hahn said. "I know they took good care of Sadie, and they took good care of us."

All Heavenly Creatures Pet Crematory opened last month in a former funeral home on U.S. 1 in Port St. Lucie. Tammy Nicastro started the business after she saw a need.

"This is a service that has been solely provided through the vet's office," Ms. Nicastro said. "I want to concentrate on the community, and give them a place where people can memorialize their pets."

All Heavenly Creatures allows pet owners to be present when the cremation is performed. They receive the remains in a cherry wood box made by the Amish in Wisconsin. Since Ms. Nicastro is an animal lover, she felt the remains should be returned to their owners in a nice container.

In addition to providing wooden urns, All Heavenly Creatures provides 24-hour animal pickup. Ms. Nicastro said she has received calls from people whose animals had reached the end of their lives, and the owners were unsure what to do when death finally came.

"I tell people to relax and not to worry, because I will pick up their animal at any time," Ms. Nicastro said.

Each cremation takes about four hours, depending on the size of the animal, Ms. Nicastro said. There is a house behind the crematorium where pet owners can wait during the process.

Prior to cremating the animals, Ms. Nicastro says a blessing over the animal. She feels it is important to give the pets a good send-off.

Mrs. Hahn, whose dog, Sadie was cremated, said she is eternally grateful for the service of All Heavenly Creatures.

"I think they helped my kids through this, especially Angie (the older daughter)," she said. "Now she's got something, and has good memories of this."

All Heavenly Creatures Pet Crematory is located at 7664 South U.S. 1 in Port St. Lucie.

For more information, call (772) 878-2315.

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